ABC Group

ABC Group is a group of businesses from all over the Fife and surrounding areas.

Business Breakfast Meetings in ABC Group

ABC Group's sole purpose is to help our members grow their businesses. This is done through our members knowing and understanding each other's services.

All our members act as REFERRAL PARTNERS to each other passing business to individuals within the group when the opportunity arises.

It is a one trade allowed organisation and membership is allocated on application.

A potential member may attend as a visitor for two meetings only then they may apply for membership. Membership is allocated at the end of every month.

Membership costs £120 per annum, payable on acceptance of membership, plus £20 per month payable by standing order.

Mettings are held every Thursady morning at The Bay Hotel, Kinghorn

Doors open at 07.30 for networking and the meeting starts at 08.00

The meeting concludes no later than 09.30

Attendance is expected weekly as we are a business group designed to pass on businness to each other. Attendance will be monitored on a six monthly basis.




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